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An essential item for any outfit are handbags. Often considered after your outfit has been chosen, handbags can be selected to co-ordinate or compliment your shoes as well as chosen for their size and capacity. Whatever style of handbag you’re looking for, and whatever you want to put in it, we’re sure to have something for you in our ranges. All our designer handbags are represented and the vast majority of our shoes will have a co-ordinating bag.

Here you will find a huge selection of handbags to compliment your Outfit, Clutch, dyeable, shoulder straps, wrist straps, dolly bags whatever your preference you are at the right place.

Perhaps you already have a shoe which you need a matching bag to go along with it. That’s not a problem at all at The Wedding Boutique, because we will colour match your shoes and dye a bag from our dyeable range to create that perfect finishing touch you are looking for.