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Top 10 Special Occasion Shoes 2015

Posted on 19th Oct 2015 @ 2:06 PM

It’s that time of year again when we start to look forward to all the wonderful new shoe styles that will be coming into the boutique over the next few months, indeed, some have already arrived! But it is also good to reflect on the styles that have been our top sellers and to take note of the emerging trends.


At number 10 we have placed not a shoe, but shoe clips!

These wonderful adornments have been increasingly popular this year with more and more designs becoming available. Sometimes a little bit of bling is all it takes to transform a special shoe into an extra special one,

and shoe clips can do just that and they are a great way of carrying a theme through an outfit. And they don’t just clip onto your shoes – they go on bags too!


At number 9 we have Rainbow Club’s Linda.


As an extra wide fit shoe it has been one of the year’s best, loved by Mothers of the Bride and Groom up and down the country. Dyed to a rainbow of colours it has been worn at many a wedding this year, with the wearers enjoying extreme comfort, happy in the knowledge that their shoes perfectly match the colour of their outfit.


At number 8 comes Nina.


 Again from Rainbow Club, this dyeable lace shoe has a two tone colour effect when dyed, creating a stunning occasion shoe. The darker the colour it has been dyed to then the more dramatic the tonal effect. As lace dresses have been one of the big fashion statements of the year, then it is little wonder that Nina has been so popular.


At number 7 we have a simply stunning shoe called Sophie. 


From Rainbow Club, Sophie has a neat peep toe and elegant pleating as well as a clever hidden platform. The shoe shape itself is foot flattering, hence the reason it is in our top ten!


At number 6 is Martha and its matching bag, Lisette.


Rainbow Club’s Bliss Collection is padded for comfort, and the combination of feel good feet and stunning shoe design makes this an obvious contender for a top ten special occasion shoe. The lace design is intricate and edged with a neat satin trim and as it is dyeable, it’s available in absolutely any colour!


At number 5 is Lexi, another dyeable satin shoe from Rainbow Club.


This full court has a cross over pattern on the front that gives a wonderful tonal effect as it reflects the light and it’s teamed up with the simply stylish Celina handbag. And by the way, if we were to choose our top bag of the year, then it would undoubtedly be Celina!

At number 4 is Yummy from Paradox Pink.


Available in both silver and gold, these perfect party peep toe shoes have been popular for prom girls as well as for bridesmaids. They’re the sort of shoe that will be worn for many an occasion, from weddings to an evening out and, at this time of the year, we’re pretty sure they will be worn to many a work’s Christmas party too!


At number 3 we have a classic special occasion shoe from Lunar.


The FLV132 has sold well across the colour range, which includes navy, silver, grey, beige, purple and black. It has a peep toe and closed sides, with the diamante embellishment at the front being set off by the satin pleats. It has a good heel height too – at just over 3 inches it’s a perfect height for showing off shapely legs. There’s an evening bag to match each colour and our customers have enjoyed a special saving when purchasing the shoes and bag as a set.


At number 2 we have taupe shoes.


The definition of taupe is ‘grey with a tinge of brown’, so here we are placing a range of hues and shades that fit roughly in this category. A wide range of our dyeable styles have been coloured to taupe; looking fresh, our pale taupe shade has been the most popular, and it goes so well with a wide range of colours and looks particularly stunning on the lace styles. Darker shades of taupe have also sold well, with Paradox Pink’s range of coloured occasion shoes fitting perfectly into this group.


At number 1 is all shoes that are navy!


From French navy dyed shoes to navy satins and dark navy leather, we have sold more navy shoes than any other colour in 2015. It’s a classic colour that works so well with this year’s fashions and it has been a steady seller throughout the year, highlighting its versatility across the seasons. Perhaps its popularity is also because it is an enduring colour, a colour that is sure to last over the years. So I wonder if it will top our chart again next year?


by Lesley M