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You only eat the wedding cake once

Posted on 30th Sep 2014 @ 12:21 PM

It’s widely agreed that weddings can be very expensive affairs, stretching budgets in all directions, so is it possible to get more for your money when value and versatility are carefully considered?


Just as wedding cakes now offered to guests could be rich chocolate sponge or individual cupcakes, meringue nests or traditional fruit with marzipan and royal icing, choice and variety in all things ‘weddingy’ mean that you can select exactly what is right for your wedding and your budget. 

Of course, you only eat the wedding cake once, but the choice of shoes, accessories and dresses now available means that the costs involved can be more palatable. The ingenious Eliza and Ethan MultiWrap dress offers amazing versatility, as it not only suits all figure shapes but can be worn in a multitude of ways, allowing you to create a different style each time it is worn. It’s slinky and stylish, and unbelievably adaptable, so it’s perfect for bridesmaids. After the big day, further wear of this dress is ensured: not only will it look like a new dress when it is wrapped in a different style but it can be totally transformed with the clever use of the bandeaux or with embellishments, such as a brooch or a sparkly bangle.


And the colours are terrific! With a range of twenty gorgeous colours to choose from, you are truly spoiled for choice and are sure to get a colour that will endure long past the wedding day. As it also comes in ivory, this convertible dress would surpass all others for value and versatility as a destination wedding dress. And then there’s the Wow! factor, as enjoyed by many celebrities whilst wearing this amazing dress. 


As ‘one size fits all’, this dress is a perfect maternity dress, whether it’s a long posh frock for a wedding (bride, bridesmaid or guest!) or as a shorter length dress that will flatter your bump and leave you feeling terrific. What’s more, the dress could simply be cut to a shorter length for less formal occasions and guaranteed further wearing pleasure.


This is the perfect suitcase dress too and a must to take on holiday, not only because it can be converted to different styles but also because it can be machine washed and doesn’t even need to be ironed! Eliza and Ethan are so confident in the travel credentials of these convertible dresses that they supply a velvet pouch bag to pack it in.


So as we are all thinking more about how our money is spent and how to make it go further, when it comes to wedding costs, perhaps the purchase of a dress like this could be the answer. Weighing up all the advantages of such a dress, its value and versatility, along with the undoubted pleasure of wearing it, it’s a purchase that perhaps does not need too much consideration or justification. You just need to decide on the colour and the styles that suit your own tastes.

Please excuse my further references to bakers’ confectionary, but with this dress it seems you really can have your cake and eat it too!!


by Lesley M