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Lace is always in fashion

Posted on 27th Nov 2013 @ 12:43 PM



Lace has never gone out of fashion, whether for bridal, occasion or every day wear, and it probably never will, but while its presence on the catwalks has grown and diminished over the decades, it really seems set to stay right at the forefront now. How lucky we are that advances in fabric technology and manufacture mean that sumptuous lace is so readily available, and incorporated not only into the most fabulous dresses, but into shoes and accessories too!

What is the appeal of lace? Woven into each thread are history and tradition, craft and skill, as well as a sense of the complexity, delicacy, beauty and intricacy of design:  garlands of flowers, perfect petals, vines and leaves all intertwining over translucent tulle. There’s an emotional appeal too: lace draws on our feelings of romance, our memories of fairy tales, and hints at intimacy.

The Heritage by Balbier Wyatt 2014 Collection uses a wonderful backdrop of paper flowers to showcase richly romantic bridal gowns. It’s a lovely marriage of materials: delicate, passionate, and sentimental. It’s a flower strewn meadow. Natural beauty. Yet there’s fragility there also.



Su Blackwell’s paper sculptures combine these elements too. Paper lace forms of fairy stories and intimacy.


From the flower strewn meadow to the fairy tale castle in the forest, shimmering lights now flicker on our lace creations.

Lace is combined with shimmer and sparkle, like the coruscating lights through the trees at the edge of the forest, like the twinkling stars in the breath taking sky, like the flicker of candlelight on jewels.

Like Esme Wedding Shoes by Rainbow Club.

Where would we be without lace?



by Lesley M