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Up to 2 inches

There are many reasons for choosing a low heel wedding shoe or even a flat shoe for a special event. Diamante sandals are very popular for the sun beach wedding where the bride just wants to add that special touch to her day without sinking into the sand in her heels. Also in this section you will find foot jewellery which is another option when sand is beneath your toes! 

Often a bride will choose low heel wedding shoes because she doesn't want to be taller than the groom on the photographs, but just because it’s a low heel doesn’t mean your wedding shoes can’t be glamorous. You will find glamour behind most low heel wedding shoes showcased here, and you may discover that having a lower heel for the day probably is a blessing in disguise anyway. Most of our low heel wedding shoes are dyeable to any colour which means that Grandmothers of the Bride and Groom who normally require a lower heel can have shoes to match their outfit perfectly.

We hope you enjoy this low heel section and find what you are looking for but of course we are here to help you so please don’t hesitate to give us a call should you need assistance.