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Ella Rosa by Private Label by G

We are delighted to have the gorgeous Ella Rosa by Private Label by G collection of bridal gowns here at The Wedding Boutique in Dalston, Carlisle. Not only are the designs simply stunning, these bridal gowns are beautifully made in the finest materials and they are a dream for any bride to wear!

Prices ranging from approximately £800 to £1600.

Private Label by G was started 30 years ago by a husband and wife team and it is still a family run business, and this, as we well know here at The Wedding Boutique, Carlisle, can really make a difference to the bride's experience. There's tremendous attention to detail in these gowns, not only in the design and fabrics, but also in the fit and the sizing, making the wearing of these gowns an absolute dream.

We hope you'll enjoy viewing our Ella Rosa collection online, but to truly appreciate the dresses, viewing them in our boutique in Carlisle is a must. Please call us on 01228 710588 to book a personal appointment!