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Vintage Jewellery

Vintage Jewellery

A bride has many concerns about her wedding but her gown and matching jewellery are usually two of the most important. As you may already be aware, wedding jewellery is available in a wide variety of different styles, and each bride is sure to have her own preferences based on her unique personality and taste. Vintage jewellery is a popular category selected by many modern brides who wish to display their connection with tradition and classic design. Of course, genuine antique pieces are extremely rare and are often highly expensive as a result of a widespread appreciation for bygone ages and designs. Therefore they are mostly unreachable by all but the rich and famous. The vintage style bridal hair jewellery at The Wedding Boutique, however, brings classic design within the reach of all new brides who want to be able to walk down the aisle in style, with a classic piece of jewellery setting off their charms for all to admire.

Vintage jewellery worn at a wedding becomes precious and unique in its own right and can be appreciated for many years into the future. It is not just an item that is only worn once but it will also be treasured as a reminder of a very special day and could become something of a family heirloom or a show piece that is rare and exquisite, simply because of who wore it. A bride can select from many different forms like tiaras, side pieces, necklaces, earrings or brooches.

At The Wedding Boutique you’ll find some of the best pieces of vintage style hair jewellery that will bring those romantic eras of the past alive once more. The biggest advantage of this type of jewellery is that it can be worn at any time, in any season. As the name suggests, vintage jewellery has stood the test of time, the passing years only adding to the appreciation of its beauty and charm. For this same reason any item of jewellery that is made in the vintage style becomes a favourite of not just one individual but a symbol of the whole occasion, living on in the memories of all who attended your special day.

The side pieces that are available on our online store have been created by from some of the most well known designers of vintage jewellery like Linzi Jay, Liza Designs, Rainbow Club and Starlet who are famous across the entire continent of Europe. Our tiaras are available as side combs as well as bands to match hair of any length and style. Just as if they were real antique jewellery our vintage style side tiaras sparkle and shine with crystal pieces, diamantes or even pearls studded all over them.

Why not take a look at the vintage style side pieces that we carry in stock which are all made of quality materials that are highly durable and strong? If you wish to store them for future occasions, for sisters, friends or even your daughters, while prices are as inexpensive as they are today, then please feel free to plan ahead. Vintage jewellery will never go out of fashion.

So what is stopping you from trying out one of these side pieces? Try our vintage jewellery and be not only beautiful but also a unique and classic bride. Exchange your vows confident in the knowledge that you look as wonderful as you feel at that unique moment in your life.