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Bridesmaid Shoes

Here at The Wedding Boutique we understand that bridesmaid shoes are an important part of the big day and getting the shoes just right can help to pull the whole look together.  Whether you are having one bridesmaid or an army of them we have styles to suit just about everyone.

Our most popular range for bridesmaid shoes is the Else Collection by Rainbow Club.  Else offers a stylish and contemporary range of bridesmaid shoes including embellished toe-posts and sandals, fashion inspired platforms and a gorgeous range of childrens shoes for younger bridesmaids and flowergirls.  All Else shoes and bags come with the promise of free dyeing to the colour of your choice, so you can have your bridesmaid’s shoes matched perfectly to the dresses, for a beautifully co-ordinated look.

Another extremely popular range for bridesmaid shoes is Pink by Paradox.  The Pink brand, like Else, is also designed to be young, trendy and fun, and offers a broad range of styles to suit all your bridesmaids’ needs, with styling influenced by high street trends, being translated into such fabulous satin bridal shoes. Pink shoes can also be hand coloured to co-ordinate the look, making them an ideal choice of bridesmaid shoes.

One thing that has become apparent during our years of serving brides and bridesmaids is that not all bridesmaids can wear the same height of shoes!  We have found that a lot of bridesmaids would like to wear matching shoes but of course a heel height that suits one, might not necessarily suit the others.  We have therefore sourced a range of shoes which are available with different heel heights, to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy.  Particularly popular as bridesmaid shoes are three styles from Touch Ups ~ Flash, Nadia and Abby – basically the same style shoes but with different heel sizes.  Flash has a sassy 4 inch heel for bridesmaids who like to walk tall, Nadia has a slightly more manageable height of 3 inches and Abby is the baby of the group with a sublime heel of 2¼ inches.  Another added bonus is that the Nadia and Abby also come in a wide fitting as well as the average fit, offering even more flexibility for your bridesmaids.  Again, all of these shoes are dyeable, making them ideal not only as bridesmaid shoes, but also for other members of the wedding party too!

Apart from the gorgeous range of dyeable bridal shoes we also offer a fantastic range of metallics, including silver, gold, bronze and pewter, giving you even more versatility when shopping for bridesmaid shoes, not to mention the lovely selection of matching handbags!

For younger bridesmaids and flowergirls we have dedicated to them a section all of their own!  This adorable range offers everything from pram shoes and first walkers in soft satins and shiny patents, to plain satin ballet flats and jewelled and sequinned bridesmaid shoes.  For those young ladies wanting something a little more “grown up”, there is a lovely selection of bridesmaid’s shoes with little heels.

Let’s not forget the all important page boys!  We felt that they deserved their own little section too – so we’ve put together a selection of boys shoes.  For babies and toddlers there is a range of satins and glossy patents with shiny buckles, and for bigger boys we have a selection of very smart laced shoes in patent or leather - finishing off the whole party’s look quite nicely!