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Bridal Tiaras

Bridal Tiaras

For centuries the word ‘tiara’ has brought to mind the picture of a shy and smiling bride above anything else. A peek into the history of tiaras shows that they have actually existed for different purposes, such as the papal tiara worn by the pope, the royal tiara worn by queens and princesses (remember, Queen Elizabeth II is supposed to own the largest collection of tiaras in the UK) as well as the bridal tiara worn by brides for their wedding.  Of course, we shouldn’t forget that there are also the tiaras worn by the winners of beauty pageants! However, of all these, bridal tiaras are the most likely to be worn at least once in the lifetime of every woman. The opportunity is there, so why not seize it while you can?

Tiaras make the bridal attire complete with their sparkle and glitter right on top of the bride’s head. If they were worn in the beginning for their symbolic importance of making the bride the most important person among all gathered, today they are worn for the beautiful and elaborate designs in which they are made and to help make a bride even more special than she already is. If you are looking for some unique and mesmerising bridal tiaras you have come to the right place. The Wedding Boutique stocks a wide range of tiaras, of both modern and vintage style, from the most creative and talented designers around the UK.

Whether it is the simple yet elegant look of pearls or the sparkling or shining diamante or crystal tiaras you desire, The Wedding Boutique has a large collection of bridal tiaras for you to choose between. Here are some of the designs and makes of tiaras available from us:

Diamante and Crystal tiaras

With brand names like Starlet, Linzi Jay, Rainbow Club, June Ellen and Liza Designs, the bridal tiaras of diamante and crystal need no other description for you to imagine their charms. Each of them is beauty itself, some in elaborate floral designs while others are in simpler forms with just stones alone. They are available in both silver and gold, allowing you to choose the colour that matches your dress and the rest of your jewellery.

Our tiaras can be shaped in a crown pattern or as a band so that they are suitable for any hairstyle. If you are looking for a tiara with a difference go for a headdress from Rainbow Club, that falls to the forehead and circles your head. Another classy and unique example from Rainbow Club is Poppy, a headband with organza bow that has diamantes set on it.

Pearl tiaras

Pearl has been described as a gem that combines simplicity, elegance and tradition into a single piece of jewellery. It makes a poised and charming addition to a tiara that more and more brides are opting for these days because of their stylish looks as well as their affordability. At The Wedding Boutique we have some beautiful pearl tiaras for those wanting to begin their new life of marital bliss in a classical way. Either decorated with pearls alone or with a combination of pearls and crystals, these tiaras are sure to take the breath away from all who have gathered to witness your exchange of vows. They are available in different patterns such as crown, side piece and headband, so are sure to suit every style of wedding dress and hairstyles.

These freshwater pearls are set in a variety of designs like flowers, petals, leaves or other more intricate shapes to add a touch of magic to the bride’s appearance. The Clarissa Wedding Tiara from Euphyllia, for example, is a crown model tiara with ivory coloured pearls, diamonds and crystal layered together to create a stunning effect. Another such tiara is from Ivory & Co which is in a vintage style and follows a head piece design. It has diamantes and pearls interspersed on an intricate design of flowers and leaves.

Comb tiaras

Comb tiaras are either used to fix a veil on the hair firmly or just as a tiara with a lot of ornamentation. Both uses allow them to create a dazzling effect when they are studded with beautiful stones like diamantes, crystals and pearls. Comb tiaras are available as side pieces as well as crowns to be fixed on the centre. The advantage of comb tiaras is that they can be fixed to the hair thereby keeping the tiara as well as the hair tightly in place.

You’ll find a great collection of comb tiaras at The Wedding Boutique from all the famous and talented jewellery designers and brands in the UK. Like all the other jewellery and hair accessories we have selected, comb tiaras can be found in simple or elaborate designs and patterns. Choose from a single ornamentation piece like the Aster from Rainbow Club where you have a butterfly comb with pearls and diamantes attached or a wider design like the Constance Wedding Tiara from Euphyllia that has been designed in the shape of a crown with pearls, diamantes and crystals combined.

A wedding gown with matching jewellery and tiara create an astounding effect and will look stunning in photographs and videos. The Wedding Boutique makes it all possible with the various bridal tiaras and jewellery that we have in stock right here for you. Get the right pieces from here and make your wedding album a spectacular one that you can proudly show off to your own children on future wedding anniversaries.