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Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery

It is the heartfelt wish of every bride that she look her best on her wedding day and with this in mind the utmost effort is usually focussed on choosing the right dress. However, the impact made from even the most wonderful dress can be significantly reduced if it is not set off with the right bridal jewellery. This is why The Wedding Boutique brings you an exquisite and elegant collection of jewellery that will cast its magic spell over everyone gathered together for your wedding celebration.

Bridal jewellery is something that you cannot consider as a separate entity. If you do, then the result can be that your beautiful wedding gown will lose its charm completely when it is experienced with jewellery that is a total mismatch. With The Wedding Boutique, on the other hand, you need have no such worries. Whichever kind of jewellery you want for your wedding, be it vintage jewellery or the latest designer bridal jewellery, we are your one stop shop to a complete matching style, whatever your taste. We can provide you with advice and assistance to make certain that your complete outfit works together.
Here you’ll find some of the finest pieces of bridal jewellery that are suitable for not only the bride but also for the bridesmaids. Whether it be a pearl necklace that perfectly adorns your neck, a diamante earring that elegantly hangs from your ear or a crystal tiara miraculously radiating light from your head, our jewellery collection is designed to enchant each and every one who attends your wedding and to turn you into that perfect bride your groom will always remember being captivated by on your special wedding day.

Here are a few of the collections of bridal jewellery you’ll find at The Wedding Boutique:


A pearl or crystal tiara is what turns an ordinary girl into a stunning bride with poise, grace and elegance. The Wedding Boutique brings you tiaras of many kinds from some of the best brands and designers of Europe. Whether it is the subtle beauty of pearls or the sparkling shine of diamonds that you long for, simply browse through our collection and you are on your way towards acquiring some of the most beautiful bridal hair jewellery available today. Our collection includes tiaras from some of the well-known names like Rainbow club, Linzi Jay, Liza Designs, Starlet and a whole lot more besides. You can also select from a variety of other types of hair jewellery like the comb, the crown or the side tiara.

Necklace and earring set

Available individually or as a set, necklaces and earrings from The Wedding Boutique are the result of the creative outpouring of some of the most reputable and skilled jewellery designers of the UK like Linzi Jay, Starlet, Ivory & Co and others. If it is a necklace of a diamante-studded floral design, a simple layer of pearls or a combination of pearl and white gold that you are looking for, your search ends here, as we stock a unique collection of all these items of bridal jewellery. Wedding jewellery sets from The Wedding Boutique are available either in a vintage style or in the latest modern designs, whichever is your preference.


Besides the additional glamour that a sparkly necklace and earrings bring, bracelets are another important part of bridal jewellery that elegantly adds to the beauty of dainty hands holding the bouquet. Bridal bracelets can not only suit a bride but can also be worn by the bridesmaids. A classic mark of charm and romance, bracelets from The Wedding Boutique are adorned with pearls and diamantes and are available in a bewildering variety of exquisite designs. We stock an extensive collection of bracelets from Linzi Jay and Starlet.

Besides the collection for brides and bridesmaids, many of these jewellery items are also popular for those little angels who are about to receive their first communion rite. However, whether these items are bought for little girls or blushing brides, taking a look at the elaborate collection of bridal jewellery at The Wedding Boutique is always worth your while. We hope nothing more than that our collection will bring you lasting happiness and a lifetime of treasured memories.