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Bridal Accessories

A bride is traditionally associated with the ancient Greek qualities of beauty, purity, grace and love. So everything associated with a bride should also be imbued with these very same qualities. Bridal accessories are an obvious example of this. Of course, these have to be selected to match the gown that the bride has selected but each accessory must also be carefully chosen to add to the overall effect and not detract from it. Too much ostentation and purity could vanish like a puff of smoke. At the other end of the scale, too little adornment and beauty wouldn’t be given enough embellishment to shine out in all its glory. It takes time and effort to get it right.

At The Wedding Boutique we try to make it easier for your creative juices to start working by including a wide range of wedding accessories of different types to enhance the effect of your bridal outfit on your big day. Be it shoes, jewellery, tiara, veil, handbag, gloves or even hosiery we provide an enticing collection of top to toe accessories that can be purchased individually as well as in matching sets. The wedding dress may be the most important centre-piece in the attire of the bride but it is the matching accessories that accentuate the gown and make the symbolism complete.

Each and every item on our site has been carefully selected from what we consider to be the best and most reputable designers in the UK. Here are a few examples of bridal accessories that we have in store for you:

Bridal footwear

Selecting the right bridal footwear can turn out to be a right pain in all sorts of places if you don’t consider the comfort in wearing as well as the looks. Our range of shoes, are not only stylish and dainty but are also designed to be comfortable to wear and walk around in for hours on end. Standing at the altar is no joke if your ankles are about to buckle beneath you at any moment! We stock bridal footwear in a wide variety of designs and patterns. You can choose from flat, low or even very high heels if you really want, in several different shades of white such as pure white and ivory, as well as daring reds and golds. Our collection of shoes are from some of the best in the industry like Rainbow Club, Benjamin Adams Bridal Shoes London, Liz René Couture Bridal Shoes, Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk, Dyeables US, and a whole lot more. Even better, many of our bridal shoes are dyeable so that the shoes you choose to wear on your wedding need not go unused after it’s all over.

Bridal jewellery

This is where many brides can get confused as they have to find something that feels right for them yet enhances the overall appearance of the outfit. It has to be classy and within their budget at the same time. By taking all these factors into consideration The Wedding Boutique has found some extremely beautiful yet affordable pieces of jewellery that would adorn any bride and make her even more alluring. Here you’ll find jewellery items from the talented designers like Euphyllia, Rainbow Club, Linzi Jay, Lisa Designs, Starlet and many more. Whether you opt for a necklace and earring set, bracelet, pendant or comb, you won’t be disappointed. We have all these items decorated with pearls, diamantes and crystals and you’ll even find some stunning combinations of all these on some jewellery pieces. Whichever is your preference, vintage or modern, search for it and you will find it.

Bridal hair accessories

At The Wedding Boutique we stock a range of sparkling and sensational tiaras made of pearl, diamante and crystal. Whatever style your hair will be for your wedding, whether long or short, straight or curly, we have just the right tiaras for you. Besides the traditional tiaras, for those brides who prefer a more modern look we have our unique side pieces, again made of valuable gems and with marvellous patterns and designs. These are also from the collections of the best designers in the wedding jewellery industry.

Covering the bride in a soft cloud of mystery, veils are a classic symbol of a wedding. You’ll find veils made of the softest Italian tulle at The Wedding Boutique. They are from Rainbow Club and are designed for the modern bride with a traditional outlook.

Bridal hosiery

Wearing good underwear on your wedding is equally as important as the right wedding gown. Good hosiery items help you to feel warm as well as comfortable. With a wedding gown stockings are usually the most comfortable. At The Wedding Boutique we stock bridal stockings from 10 denier nylon. Available in two different colours, white and ivory, they are just perfect with your white gown.

Besides the stockings we have for you the hold ups again made from 10 denier nylon to ensure that your legs are kept well-covered and maintained beneath your gown. These are also available in white and ivory to match the wedding gowns. They look superb with lacy flowery tops, and their silicone strips ensure that they stay in place all the time.

Wedding gloves

Though often worn by the bridesmaids, wedding gloves become most beautiful and attractive when the bride wears them as well. Wedding gloves are timeless and have been seen on the hands of brides for generations. Today, however, they have become quite trendy and give the bride a sophisticated look. Wedding gloves have seen a lot of changes in them, so we can show you some of the latest designs and types. We have full length gloves that can cover your entire arms or fingerless ones that give a chic look to your hands and highlights those beautiful fingers waiting for the wedding ring.

We have gloves made of satin that are available in white, ivory and even in black that can suit your bridesmaids too. Our satin fingerless gloves attached with pearls and lace would go perfectly with any wedding gown.

Bridal handbags

You may be one of those people who never goes anywhere without her handbag, so a Bridal handbag needs to be attractive and stylish as well as being able to store everything that a bride might need like her makeup, accessories or cell phone. At The Wedding Boutique you’ll find handbags of different types and colours. Some are white to suit your wedding gown while others are available in different colours as a contrast to your white gown or to be carried by your bridesmaids. Whether it is a dolly bag or a clutch we offer you handbags that are not only beautiful but also spacious to hold all your items. They have been designed by some of the most eminent names like Liz Rene, Touch Ups and Dyeables.

It is important that you don’t miss out any of your bridal accessories and discover on the big day that you have not brought something you badly need. The Wedding Boutique is your one stop shop to offer you all accessories you will need on your wedding day.